The Ferronordic share

Share price

Ferronordic AB (publ) has only one series of shares: ordinary shares. The number of shares amounts to 14,532,434. Each share carries one voting right at the general meeting. At the end of 2020, the company had approx. 5,000 shareholders. The shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker ”FNM”. For more information on Ferronordic at Nasdaq, please refer to

Ownership data

No.ShareholderNumber of sharesPercent of shares and votes
1Skandinavkonsult i Stockholm AB* 2,100,000 14.5%
2Lars Corneliusson (directly and through companies) 926,590 6.4%
3Avanza Pension 910,323 6.3%
4Per Arwidsson and associated persons 544,701 3.7%
5AltoCumulus 528,758 3.6%
6Investor AM BVBA 413,183 2.8%
7Magellanes Value Investors 216,196 1.5%
8PEG Capital Partners AB 149,250 1.0%
9Nordnet Pension 130,372 0.9%
10Robur fonder 126,282 0.9%
11Other shareholders 8,486,779 58.4%
Total 14,532,434 100.0%

* Associated person of Håkan Eriksson
Source: Euroclear and shareholders
As of 31 March 2022 and thereafter known changes